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The Basic Goodness blog is as multifaceted as life.

We cover topics related to work, relationships, modern living, pop culture, spirituality, self-care, and more. 

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Growth Mindset
Basic Goodness
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We believe

  • Results follow culture. 

  • We should treat others as we would like to be treated. 

  • We all make mistakes. 

  • We’re all basically good. 

Who should read this blog?

People who enjoy content related to:

  • Random pop culture topics

  • Work life & leadership

  • Mindfulness & compassion

  • Meal ideas & recipes

  • Halloween & Christmas (and sometimes other holidays)

  • Self-care

  • Philosophy & religion

  • Beauty & sometimes fashion

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What is basic goodness?

The concept of basic goodness is rooted in various spiritual and philosophical traditions. It is the belief that humans are inherently compassionate beings, and while we may exhibit negative behaviors or face challenges, at our core, we're all basically good. 

Connecting with our basic goodness is a journey that does not depend on our accomplishments or fulfilling our desires. It involves appreciating the simple pleasures of everyday life, cultivating self-awareness, and nurturing a deep sense of interconnectedness with each other. 


Amanda is the founder and driving force behind the Basic Goodness blog. The idea for the blog was born out of her aspiration to establish a platform where she could share the online content she regularly consumes. The blog officially launched in May of 2023.

With her extensive experience and passion for creating meaningful content, Amanda is committed to making the Basic Goodness blog an engaging and informative destination for everyone.

Prior to running this site full time, Amanda spent 15 years working in marketing and leadership roles. Beyond her professional life, Amanda enjoys reading, exploring, and watching documentaries. Among her favorite activities are spending quality time with her husband, family, friends, and rescue dog. Currently, Amanda calls Texas her home base.

Portrait of founder of the Basic Goodness blog.

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